Die Kollektive

We believe that when likeminded people come together the most amazing results can be achieved. Over the years we have exchanged experiences, advised each other, worked together and bonded over our shared passion and philosophy of building future proof, ethical and inclusive brands.


Through our fluid and adaptable setup we are able to offer flexible, versatile and relevant brand services without the rigidity and price tag of a traditional agency environment. 

Toni Din

Brand consultant and creative director

Toni Din is the founder of Studio TD. She specialises in custom creative and brand services, strategy and sustainability for brands. 

Toni has over fifteen years experience in the UK and German lifestyle markets. Working both agency and in-house for some of the world’s biggest names, leading creative teams and working on major international campaigns as well as supporting individuals on their journey of building successful brands.

Jessica Lawrence

Design and development consultant

A creative design leader with strong roots in trend, design, branding and brand-building.

With two decades of experience building fashion brands, Jessica has wide ranging experience in design direction, brand building, sourcing and range planning. She particularly enjoys working with founder-led brands, bringing strategic thinking, beautiful product ideas and commercial awareness to a shared creative vision. Sustainability and social responsibility is the foundation of all her work.

Julia Wetzel

Marketing and social media expert

Julia is a marketing and social media expert and founder of JDW, a marketing consultancy for creative businesses. She works with founders, designers and creators, helping them to translate their brand story into a content marketing strategy that is designed to attract their ideal audience, improve brand loyalty, grow engagement and drive profitable customer action.

Tony Sebastian Ukpo

Writer-director and photographer

Tony is a narrative filmmaker who infuses a cinematic mindset into his parallel work as a videographer, documentary photographer and portraitist, working with companies as varied as the OECD, French Cultural Heritage, the UNDP and more. He has an interest in subverting form to create new perspectives, and in the exploration of the human condition in its many guises. 

Hilary Archer

Brand strategist

Hilary is a brand strategist, graphic design lecturer and founder of Twenty Assembly and The Merchant Assembly. 

With over a decade experience working with brands of all shapes and sizes, and more recently teaching young design hopefuls at Shillington College in London, Hilary embraces simplicity and honesty in design. She works closely with her clients to build the strategic foundations of their brand, as well as inspire and connect with their audiences through meaningful, timeless branding.

Mat Fowkes

Future materials specialist

Mat has over fifteen years experience in a variety of mould making and casting methods and materials, taken from film, prototyping, education and the fine art industries. 

He runs the Future Materials Workshops at the world’s leading postgraduate arts institution and has advised established industry professionals as well as some of today’s trailblazing designers and artists.

His expertise and research have allowed him to realise that future proofing material decisions often goes hand in hand with looking to traditional craft practice and material choices.

Katie Scanlon

Junior art director and designer

Katie is a designer with a background in brand identity creation and implementation with experience across lifestyle, hospitality, fashion and retail markets. Pairing concept-level thinking with design principles, she translates ideas into tangible visuals across print, web and spaces. She likes to collaborate with forward-thinking, ethically-minded brands and particularly enjoys the impact good design has on adding value to small businesses and start-ups.

Maximiliano Braun

Photographer and videographer

Maximiliano is a documentary photographer, videographer and multimedia maker who specialises in the commercial application of these skills. A majority of his work focusses on creating awareness of the social implications and familial costs of medical conditions. Max works worldwide but resides in Spain … because of the sun.

Nix Tulloch

Brand consultant and WHSL specialist

With over ten years’ experience in the fashion industry Nicola provides an individual service, combining strategic brand development with stellar contacts, an established reputation and a proven track record. Analysing her clients’ business and commercial needs, she produces a bespoke strategy, from the WHSL approach to introducing internal structures, design and merchandising, and conceptualising creative marketing. Brand positioning is central to every decision, ensuring maximum growth and brand longevity.

Nash Gierak

Sustainability consultant

Nash is the founder of sustainability consultancy Defying Space. She works with businesses and individuals to help them implement actionable systems that translate into real and meaningful change. Nash has turned her specialised knowledge into a podcast— How To Be A Minimalist (The Sustainable Way) — and is currently writing a book and producing an e-course on the subject. 

Liam T Wade

Music and audio professional and artist

Liam T Wade is an independent music and audio professional with 14 years of industry experience. His wide-ranging skills include recording, production, and music consultation. Based out of his studio in New York City, he specialises in record production, composition. He has worked with major clients in the UK, Europe, USA, and Asia. Liam is a multidisciplinary artist, working within writing, graphic design, video, and painting.